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Cloth Wipers and Cotton Rags

We provide the highest quality washed and cut used Cloth Wiping Rags with the most variety for every wiping job at the very best savings. The following are just a few of our most popular Cloth Wiping Rags.

salon towels

cotton fleece rags

NEW COTTON TERRY TOWELS: White or Green. 100% Cotton. 16x27. Great for Hair Salons or Cleaning and Janitorial Service Companies. Bleach Safe Available.


SWEATSHIRT FLEECE COTTON WIPING RAGS: A blend of cotton and fleece makes this wiping rag very popular. Soft to the touch and handles large clean ups. Call for special pricing.

all white t-shirt cloth wipers
denim cloth wipers

ALL WHITE KNIT WIPING RAGS: Graded from recycled bleached and white knit cottons, this is a high performance wiping rag. Excellent for furniture or wood staining.


COTTON DENIM LEG CUT: This wiper is all cotton with a tight weave and is used for wiping hydrocarbons or grease.

white t-shirt cotton rags with color
flannel cloth wipers

WHITE KNIT WIPING RAGS: Lightweight cotton blends cut to provide a primarily white wiping rag. A color design may remain, making it more affordable than the all white knit.


FLANNEL COTTON WIPING RAGS: All cotton wiping rag cut from shirts, pajamas, and sheets. Makes for a highly absorbent wiper for any liquid.

colored t-shirt cotton rags
cotton linen cotton rags

POLO COLORED T-SHIRTS WIPING RAGS: Lightweight cotton wiping rag blended material makes this efficient, for water, grease or oil.


COTTON LINEN WIPING RAGS: Specially woven cotton material used as a "one time" wiping rag by an aerospace company. Dry cleaned with staining left on the material. (16 inch ruler used for scale.)

Go to the Wiping Rags Specials to see our over stock and special order items.

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