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We provide the highest quality Paper Wipers with the most variety for every wiping job at the very best savings. The following are some of our most popular brands.

spunlace pop-up

sontara no lint paper wiper

SPUNLACE WHITE POP-UP PAPER WIPERS: Engineered reusable White Lint Free Spunlace for high absorbency applications. 9.75x16.75, 6 Pop-up Boxes per Case, 150 Wipers per Box, 900 Wipers per Case. $85.00 per Case with Free Delivery within the Continental United States. Call for Skid Pricing.

SONTARA®: Engineered reusable cloth towels combine spunlacing and stitch-bonding technologies for no lint-high absorbency applications. Flat Packaged. Total 400 wipers per case.

generic paper wipers
pop up nylon scrim paper wipers

ALL WIPE: 1/4 Fold or Pop-up. Total 900 wipers per case. Bonded cellulose Wypall equivalent.

Scrim Nylon Reinforced Pop-Up Wiper: Four-ply for extra absorbency, plus nylon reinforcement for added strength. Handles the toughest cleanup jobs. This paper wipes streak-free on glass and smooth surfaces. Very low lint. Packaged 150 wipers per box; 6 boxes per case with 900 wipers per case..

flat packaged nylon scrim paper wipers
wypall paper wipers

NUMBER 10 WEAVE: Nylon Scrim Wiper for strength and absorbency. Flat Packaged. Total 1,000 wipers per case.

KIMBERLY-CLARK: WypAll, Economizer, Kimtowels, Teri Wipes, Kimtex Towels.

paper wipers that are seconds

QUALITY 2NDS: Airlaid, 1/4 Fold, Total 1,200. Flat Packaged Total 1,500 wipers per case.


Go to the Wiping Rags Specials to see our over stock and special order items.

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