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Cloth Wipers and Cotton Rags
>All White Knit
>Bar Towels - New
>Bath Towels - New
>Cotton Dish Towels
>Cotton Flour Sack
>Cotton Hospital Blankets
>Cotton Linen Wipers
>Crash Towels - Used
>Flannel Cotton
>Fleece Cotton
>Hand Towels - New - Bleach Safe Available
>Huck Towels - Used|
New Grey or Tan T-Shirt Wiping Raqs
>New White T-Shirt Wiping Raqs
>Polo Colored T-Shirts
>Sheeting - White and Colored
>Shop Towels - New
>Terry Towels Colored - Recycle
>Surgical Towels - Used
>Wash Cloths - New
>White Knit T-Shirt

Personal Care Products
>C-Fold Paper - White and Natural
>Multifold Paper - White and Natural
>Roll Towels Non-Perforated - White and Natural
>Single Fold Paper - White and Natural
>Toilet Tissue - One and Two Ply


Paper Dispensers
>Jumbo Twin Tissue Dispensers
>Two Roll Tissue Dispensers
>Crank Roll Towel Dispensers
>Single Fold Towel Dispensers
>Multifold Towel Dispensers
>C-Fold Towel Dispensers


Paper Wipers
>All Wipe 1/4 Fold and Pop Up Wiper
>Durable Weave Nylon Reinforced Wipers
>Economizer Wipers
>Fort James Paper Wipers
>Kimberly-Clark Paper Wipers
>Kimtex Wipers
>Kimtowels Wipers
>Maratuff Wipers
>No Lint Paper Wipers

>Seconds on Wipers
>Sontara Low Lint Wipers
>Spunlace Pop-Up No Lint Paper Wipers
>Teri Wipers
>Value Choice Wipers
>Wet Task Dispensers
>Wet Task Wipers
>Wipe-Away Wipers
>Wypall Wipers

Absorbent Pads, Socks, Rolls and Spill Kits
>Aggressive All Purpose Pads, Socks, and Rolls
>Drain Funnel for Catch Basins
>Drum Top Pads
>General Purpose Pads, Socks, and Rolls
>Oil Only Pads, Socks, and Rolls
>Pillows Oil Only
>Spill Kits for General Purpose, Oil Only and Aggressive Liquids

>Brown Jersey Gloves
>Canvas Gloves
>Dispenser for Gloves
>Driver Gloves
>Kevlar Gloves
>Latex Gloves
>Nitrile Gloves
>Vinyl Gloves

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