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drain funnel

Drain Funnel Catch Basins are easy to remove and install!

The first step to comply with stringent new EPA standards.

Storm water runoff carries with it dirt and hydrocarbons that pollute our downstream water supplies. Any catch basin is a potential candidate for accepting contaminated water.


The Drain Funnel is a simple device designed to fit most catch basins. Held in place by the metal grate, it effectively removes coarse sediments, oil, grease, litter and debris from storm water. Parking lots tend to be sources of water pollution.

The Drain Funnel is an excellent defense for reducing and controlling the entrance of contaminants into our water systems.

Cars and trucks drip oil and grease on to the surface which is carried into the catch basins by rain water. Most of these catch basins ultimately drain into streams, lakes, or ground water aquifers.


The Drain Funnel is a low cost, easy to maintain Best Management Practice (BMP). Actual maintenance will generally consist of cleaning out debris and sediment, and replacing the oil absorbent material. These units can save hours of sump maintenance time. Many other treatment BMPs must be designed specifically for your site. The Drain Funnel fits into most catch basins and can be installed by the user.


When water enters a catch basin equipped with a Drain Funnel, the polypropylene fabric traps the contaminants while the water passes through. If the fabric filter becomes saturated with elements, the oil absorbing mini boom captures and holds floating hydrocarbons while allowing the water to escape through the water outlets. The sediments and other heavy solids settle and are contained in the bottom of the Drain Funnel. The Drain Funnel has overflow outlets to allow excessive water from heavy rain showers to bypass the system, reducing the chance of flooding or ponding. These multiple filtering systems built into the Drain Funnel are what make it effective. Replacement frequency is dependent upon inches of rainfall, contaminant loading, and volume of sediment accumulation. Disposal of used Drain Funnels is determined by the types of contaminants being collected, but in most cases can be treated as a standard solid waste (in accordance with state and local regulations.)

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